A sustainable statement


"I am convinced that choosing businesses and brands that prioritize people and the planet is a more-than-rational step I can take. I'll start by setting my own minimum standard of care and personal commitment."
Anyone, anywhere

Upcycled repurposed bag

Timeless & Fair

Inspired in the eternal-spring like climate of Ecuador, we bring you a sustainable timeless collection of handbags. Clean lines, Playful colors.  Cruelty-free. Suitable all-year-round! 

Designer's collection, handcrafted by highly-skilled artisans from South America. We source upholstery remnants and we create unique pieces in small batches. The makers spend hours perfecting each piece, giving 100% attention to detail. 

We co-create each piece with the designer and the makers, and we ensure that the profit is equitably distributed among all participants in the supply chain.  

'Repurpose' the New Normal 

Where to go from now?  

Is no news that lock downs dried up incomes around the globe, and the loss of global mobility pushed businesses to close down. As we faced uncertainty, we realized that the ‘new normal’ means more than social distancing and wearing face masks. We need to get real. A pandemic hits harder to those who can't properly shelter in place, and uncovers he irrational disparities in the world. The fashion industry starts to look toward a post-pandemic reality, and it’s certain that more than a few things will change.
The priorities shifted and sustainability is the new normal.

Repurpose, Upcycle...REUSE

Opening the topic of innovation in the manufacturing/fashion industry, the movement of “re-purposing” continues to grow. Repurposing takes components or pieces of materials, and finds another marketable use for them in other products. Textile manufacturers introduce new fabric collections every year, and they are either at retail stores or incorporated into consumer goods. The commercial waste of businesses, known as ‘pre-consumer waste’ is all the trash that comes from the production of items, including fabric scraps, overstock bulks or samples.

Repurposing is not new, and this topic is becoming more important among designers who support the sustainability efforts. Some might use the word ‘upcycled’ and ‘repurposed’ alternatively, and whether you go with any of these, know that REUSE is one of the three R’s for the environment. We select fabric remnants from commercial waste and repurpose them to extend their life and visual appeal by handcrafting creative and timeless handbags.

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